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Donate Collectibles

Millions at some time in their life develop a collecting passion. Comic books and original comic book art, valuable coins, vintage NES games, antique furniture, sports memorabilia, Star Wars figures, music instruments, stamps, classic cars, you name it. Unfortunately there comes a time in almost every collectors life when their passion fades. Most wonder what to do with the collection now. Thousands have discovered our charity as a unique way to help others and themselves Donate Collectibles

Collector Car Donations

Collector Car Donation

Donate Classic Cars, Classic Trucks, Antique Cars and Collector Cars to charity. We also restore classic cars and work with charity groups at car show events.

Donate Sports Collectibles

Donate Sports Memorabilia

Donate sports collectibles to charity. Baseball cards, Football jerseys, Basketballs, pucks, photos, bats ... Donate sports memorabilia tax deductible.

Comic Book Donation

Comic Book Donations

Donate comic books to charity and take back your closet! Extremely popular Great Tax Benefits! Much easier than selling! Also donate comic book art !

Donate Star Wars Figures

Donate Star Wars Collectibles

Donate vintage Star Wars collectibles to charity. Star Wars movie figurines, posters, pinball machines and more!

Donate Art to charity

Donate Art  Art Donations

Donate art to charity and enjoy a fair market tax deduction. Paintings, lithographs, sculptures, drawings ...

Antique Furniture Donation

Donate Antique Furniture

The tax benefits you enjoy when you donate antique furniture far exceed trying to sell the antiques yourself.

Donate Fossils - Crystals

Rocks / fossil donations carry decades or even centuries of history making for great donation candidates.

Musical Instrument Donations

Donate Music Instrument

Donate musical instrument - Classic guitars and music instruments. Working music equipment repaired - gifts to music education programs!

Donate Coin Collection

Vintage Nintendo Donations

What do Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Stadium Events, Zelda, Metroid and Kid Icarus have in common?

Donate Coin Collection

Donate Coin Collection

Many world, ancient, and U.S. coins have appreciated in value! Easy decision for tax savvy coin collectors. Donate coin collections or paper money - Maximum tax deduction allowed!

Collectible Charity Donation

Donate Collectibles

Collectibles with Causes is here to help you donate any collectible, entire collection, antiques or antique furniture you believe will help our charitable cause. Any collectible donation will truly help those in need!

Donate stamps to charity

Donate Stamp Collection

A stamp collection you started long ago, or recently inherited from a loved one has most likely greatly appreciated in value over the years. Stamp donations benefit you and supports a variety of social issues.


Support Education Programs

Selling collectibles is Hard

Selling collectibles is much harder than you may realize. Alot of time is spent photographing, cataloging, packing and appraising before the sale even begins. Many turn to online auctions where bids are usually low and listing fees high. Some get no offers at all and must now pack everything up and stick it back in storage. Others discovered our charity and found the fair market tax deduction more beneficial financially than selling.

Why Donate Collectibles to charity
  • You give and receive at the same time!
  • Fair Market Tax write-off (in most cases)
  • Supports several charity fundraising events
  • Financial benefits of giving outweigh selling
  • Makes a positive difference in others lives
  • Always better to give than to receive!

Charity Collectible Donations

Your collectible donation benefits the lives of children worldwide, disease research, support of various faiths, educational programs, homeless, community charity programs and a variety of other wonderful causes.

What can I Donate?

Almost any antique or collectible you offer us is appreciated! The most common collectible and antique donations gifted to us can be found above. If you believe your donation will help, chances are you are right!

How do I donate Collectibles?

It's easy to donate antiques and collectibles to charity. Call (888) 228-7320 donate collectibles