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Donate comic book art - Trying to sell comic book art or valuable comic book drawings yourself usually results in time wasted and lowball offers. When you donate comic book art through Collectibles with Causes, we make sure the entire process is fast and easy and that the tax deduction is financially beneficial. Most of our comic book art donors donate comic book art they have had on their walls for years, while others donate multiple pieces that have been carefully tucked away in their attic. Whichever the case, all left with the satisfaction of knowing their comic book art donation truly helped someone in need through our program.

Donate Comic Book Art Charity Donation

Donate Comic Book Art

Donate Collectibles to Charity
If you are looking to sell comic book art, consider this, when you donate comic book art to charity, you will help us to continue to support charitable causes precious to us all, plus enjoy a Tax write-off based on the current market value of your comic book art. Over the years, we have received hundreds of comic book art donations from generous donors such as yourself and also directly from the multi-talented artists that create the comic book art themselves. Comic book art donations can cover all of the various mediums, such as pencil, pen, ink, markers, acrylic and ink-wash. We use your comic book art donations during charity fundraising events, or sell at maximum price to our comic book art collector patrons we know that go out of their way to support our cause. Unlike other charities, our staff is up to date on current comic book price guides and comic book art prices and invite you to call us toll free 8 8 8 - 2 2 8 - 7 3 2 0 to discuss how we can help you gain the maximum value for the your comic book drawings through a tax deduction, as well as help those in need.

Donate Comic Book Art - Popular Original cover art Comic Art Artist Drawing Donations.

The Top 20 Comic Book Drawings Artists we can guarantee a Full Market Tax Write-off are:

Donate comic book art Adam Hughes Comic Book Artist

Alex Ross Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Angel medina Comic Book Artist

Bernie Wrightson Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Frank Brunner Comic Book Artist

Frank Miller Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art George Perez Comic Book Artist

Gil Kane Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Jack Kirby Comic Book Artist

Jim Lee Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Jim Steranko Comic Book Artist

Joe Kubert Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art John Buscema Comic Book Artist

John Byrne Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Marc Silvestri Comic Book Artist

Michael Turner Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Mike Deodato Comic Book Artist

Neal Adams Comic Book Artist

Donate comic book art Tim Sale Comic Book Artist

Will Eisner Comic Book Artist