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Donate antique furniture or other antique collectible interior furnishings to charity. Antiques appreciate in value depending on the condition, artistry, beauty, age, rarity, or other desirable features as you probably know already. What you may not know is that antique furniture donations can be a great way for you to collect a fair market tax deduction and also benefit numerous charitable causes throughout the world!

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Many people have a tough time selling higher end fine furniture and antiques which is why most of our donors are so thrilled when they learn they can easily donate antiques or antique collectibles to our charity. When you donate antiques, becoming an antique dealer, haggling and plain old wasting time is out of the question. We offer a fair market value tax write-off and the peace of mind of knowing your antique donation will truly help someone in need. Over the years we have had a variety of collectible antique donations ranging from Japanese Samurai Armor and Katana swords, jade statues, sets of silver flatware, tiffany lamps, headboards and armoires to an entire estate full of collectible antiques. Free pickup nationwide. Donate Antiques to Charity today!

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