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Rocks and fossils are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of donating collectibles. But did you know that rocks and fossils are considered one of most sought after collectibles we accept? The truth is that rocks and fossils can carry decades or even centuries of history with them and this makes them extremely valuable as collectible items. Rocks and fossil donations, like other types of collectible donations, can help benefit your community. Collectibles are usually thought of as items such as art paintings, memorabilia, figurines, jewelry, even toys. While these conventional collectibles are in demand rocks and fossil donations are in demand as well. We have had dinosaur bones, a rare T Rex skull fossil and Triceratops Teeth found in South Dakota gifted. California gold nuggets, Burmite fossil amber, meteorites from all over the world, petrified wood, museum quality green tourmaline, opals from Australia. The list can surely go on! One of the great things our previous donors have told us is that most just happened upon the different fossil or teeth while hiking. Being able to donate their find to our charity is in a way, found money. You will receive a Fair Market Tax deduction plus if your donation is valued over $500, you get a free vacation voucher!

Donate Fossils Rocks or Minerals to Charity

Donate Collectibles to Charity
Many donors never think of donating rocks and fossils believing that they are not worth the donation. But this is simply not true. Your rock and fossil donations are little collectibles that can bring about big results. The donor also can benefit from the donation as they can include these rocks and fossil donations on their tax return and receive a Fair Market Tax Deduction. Donating rocks and fossil collectibles is a great way to help those in need!

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