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Military collectible donations are actually some of the most common items donated to Collectibles with Causes, most militaria donated is extremely valuable and highly sought after by the collecting public. Their value and worth is what makes military collectibles ideal donations. You see, when you donate military collectibles such as an original Vietnam Tomahawk or Indian tomahawk, paratrooper jump pants, US Army Officers Sword, a German sniper scope, medals or even a WW2 Japanese samurai sword, your valuable donation helps support many pressing issues faced by the worldwide community. These issues include medical research, world hunger, homelessness, music programs and many other great causes. When you donate to Collectibles with Causes, you can rest assured that your donation will be used to support a wide variety of charitable causes. Plus every Military collectible donation enjoys a Fair Market Tax Deduction!

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Military collectibles can turn into excellent tax benefits when you donate military collectibles to charity. Unfortunately there have been many wars throughout human existence. With war came lots of valuable collectible military surplus. Whether your military collectibles fall into the Civil War, World War I, World War II or any other military category they can be of benefit. You don’t have to clear out your entire collection to donate either. If you choose to donate only one item, it will be just as appreciated as a donation of 20 items or more. Military collectible donations can also be counted as a deduction on your IRS tax returns. In fact, you can receive a tax deduction that is equal to the fair market value of your donated military collectibles or collectible. If your collection is like most, it has taken on a life of its own and is taking up more and more space in your home. Donating just one item can give you the space to keep on collecting. Donate Military Collectibles to Charity!

We know many are interested in donations we have received so we thought we would give a quick break down of the military collectible donations that truly help. Pre 1700 1776 Revolutionary War 1784 1860 Civil War Indian Wars Spanish American War WW I WW II Korea Vietnam Desert Storm Military Collectible Militaria Surplus World War SWORD SHASHKA IMPERIAL RUSSIAN COSSACK 1865 Civil War GENERAL MARCH SOUTH book RARE Civil War collectibles SOLDIERS LETTERS CAMP PRISON Foot Officers Sword 40th Indiana Infantry u-boat canteen map uniform button flak jacket German Germany French Indian War collectible aerial gun sight medal fighting knife paratrooper jump pants Russia Swords Samurai armour Vietnam memorial Marines Air Force Navy Army Kaiser jeep parachute dagger sniper scope military radio diver helmets fighter pilot bayonet camo Japanese boots greaves bowie badge Luftwaffe US flag iron beds quarter master Tommy gun Continental Officer Tricorne Original Hat Box liquor chest Roman Oriental Antiques Shields Helmets Armour Katana Fantasy Armor Arms Books Ancient Weaponry Martial Arts Ninja Movie Hunting Barbarian Warrior Cannon Celtic Excalibur King Masonic Old Armoury Collectibles Antique Weapons Japanese Oriental Swords Gladius Hanwei Iberia Battle Axes Crossbows Halberds Medieval Swords Daggers Medieval Shields Full Suits of Armor GI Government Issue U.S. Army European Theater Operations Collector's Guide Henri Paul EnjamesDarbys Ranger LRRP LRP LLDB Na Trang ODA Force Recon Special Forces USSF SF Mike Force Black Nung Viet Cong Seal Kit Carson Scout Airborne Green Beret CCN CCC CCS 5th Group ARVN RVN MACV De Oppresso Libre Viet Cong Seal Udt Kit Carson Scout Airborne Green Beret CCN CCC CCS 5th Group ARVN RVN MACV Snake Eater FANK CIDG White Star Recondo SOG PRU Road Runner Sat Cong RUFF PUFF Delta Force Tigerstripes Tigers Tiger Stripes FOB Blue Light Bright Light Para Camo ERDL Son Tay TSOD II Stabo Sfod Socom Clothing Equipment 1900-1945 Vietnam Militaria Military Militaria Poncho Liner Vietnam Poncho liner Collectibles Doughboy to GI Military Collectibles Army Army Surplus Military Radios Cartridge Belt Vietnam Uniforms WWII Field Equipment Military Radios PRC-125 PRC-77 PRC-25 AN/PRC-25 RT-524 Canteen Signal Signal Corps OG OD Olive Drab Camouflage BDUPRC-74PRC PRC-77 Military Radios Antennas Mil Spec RTO Sergeant Pvt. Ryan Saving Pvt. Ryan Kit Bag Musette Sling Musette Bag Militaria For sale Collectibles for Sale Wanted Militaria Wanted Ames Kabar Kinfolks Radio Mount Military Electronics BA-4386 Log Book M-1 M-2 M151 M151A2 M-1 Grand Carbine M-1 Carbine Airborne Chicken Plate GPW MBA M-38 Manuals Technical Manuals Field Manuals Jungle Survival AM-2060 Infantry Antiques Military Antiques World War I WWI Pistol Belt Cartridge Belt Ax Axe Cap Pile Cap Helmet Magazine Clip Ammo Poncho Korea United States Army Air Force USAF USMC United States Marine Corps Collectables Entrenching Tool Mills Belt Saber Ring US Air Forces Shelter Half Tent Foot Locker Truck Meat Can Mess Kit T-Handle Shovel M-1910 Shovel M-1923M-1936 M-1956 M-1945 M-56 M-1967 M67 M-1907 BAR Belt Hammock US NAVY NAVY Seabees B-17 B-24 B-25Bombers Ranger LRRP C Rations C-Rats Emphemera Mountain Troops 10th MountainMountain Tent Mountain Rucksack Mountain Pack Mountain Boots Mountain Equipment desert storm special forces world war II world war G.I. Donate Military Collectibles

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