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Washington collectible donations include a range of assorted items like autographed Seattle Super Sonics basketball gear to collectible paintings to antique handcrafted quilts. By just cleaning your attics, closets and basements of these WA collectibles and donating them to our charitable organization, you can realize not only a fair market tax deduction but you will also be helping countless disadvantaged families worldwide.

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Donate Collectibles to Charity
Other great Washington collectible donations include a ZZ Top autographed guitar by the band members, antique school desks, beautiful hand blown glass or even fine china. Celebrity memorabilia, military keepsakes and even old collectible Life magazines are other great WA collectibles that can help the needy children and adults worldwide. Best of all, these Washington collectible donations would give you a tax deduction that would serve you better financially than the loss of time and money in advertising these items for sale on your own.

Comic books, baseball cards, antique collectible glass ornaments, meteorites and even motor boats make for great WA collectibles. If you have an old classic car up on blocks that you have been meaning to restore for years, consider donating it. That classic car along with jewelry, old classic toys, antique iron bed frames or even a collection of old cattle branding irons are all great Washington collectible donations too. Your long forgotten and unwanted treasures could get you a great fair market tax deduction and in turn, our charity could support many families worldwide who are in dire straits. Donate WA Collectibles to Charity