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Donate Collectibles to Charity - Support Student Reach

Help Student Reach by donating collectibles. We accept all types of collectibles as a donation and all of the proceeds go directly towards helping Student Reach and the students they support through their program. Donate any collectibles you no longer want such as a pinball machine, cash register, vintage car, comic books, collectible figurines, coin collections, anything you collect... Here is a list of the most common collectibles usually donated. Great tax and financial benefits for you, and the proceeds from your donation benefit Student Reach.

  • Donate Classic Car
  • Donate Sports Memorabilia
  • Donate Artwork
  • Coin Collection Donations
  • Comic Book Donations
  • Donate Antiques
  • Donate Musical Instruments
  • Donate Celebrity Memorabilia
  • Donate Collectible Toys
  • Stamp Collection Donation
  • Donate Jewelry
  • Military Collectibles Donation
  • Donate Comic Book Art
  • Donate Fossils & Crystals
  • Donate Star Wars Collectibles
  • Donate Disney Collectibles
  • Donate Coca Cola Collectibles
  • Donate Vintage Nintendo Collectibles

StudentReach exists to develop the potential of students through empowerment, Training, mentoring, and volunteering. StudentReach is a nonprofit that exists because we love students. We feel that each and every student has infinite potential. Our volunteers and staff are our biggest asset. They bring their unique viewpoints and life experiences to each demonstration, excursion and interaction with students. We love partnerships. From school districts, international NGO's, and national youth leadership organizations to law enforcement and parents groups -- we are here to help. Have a Look at our School Presentations, Student Coaching, and Volunteering Abroad opportunities. Today StudentReach works with more then 50 At-Risk, Homeless, and Refugee Youth each week CONNECTED enables and inspires the most at-risk students in addition to the most connected and successful of students. Our coaches challenge and equip students to develop life skills and lifestyle plans. Schools and organizations seeking to employ CONNECTED coaching workshops for their students can contract with StudentReach to facilitate a 1-Day Intensive Overview Workshop or a 5-Day Module of Workshops or an 18-Week Series. CONNECTED curriculum could be offered for credit with pre-designed assignments and studying materials. Please help support us by donating your collectibles today! We have partnered with Giving Center and Collectibles with Causes to accept our collectible donations so we can concentrate on the students we serve. Just complete the following form to donate colectibles today!

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.