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Art is moving, it is stunning, and it has the ability to transport the admirer through time and space to a higher, peaceful state of being. Yes, art is powerful. But did you know that collectible art can also benefit the world by supporting worthy causes? Collectible art donations help support the worldwide community in many ways including sheltering the homeless, supporting medical research, and providing disaster relief. If your art collection consists of abstract art, African art, American art, pop-culture art, antique art, collectible art print posters, patriotic art or original oil paintings, you can donate art and support the many missions of Collectibles with Causes. Collectible art donations also entitle you to a Fair Market Tax Deduction

Charity Art Donation
Donate Art Charity Donation

Donate Collectibles to Charity
In many cases, the desire to help others is what motivates people to separate with their favorite art collectibles. But there are more benefits that can be yours when you decide to make a collectible art donation. These benefits include earning a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of your donated items and freeing up wall space to display yet more art. While one never really tires of art, it is nice to see a different painting above your fireplace every now and then. So, if you’re ready to redecorate, consider donating collectible art items to Collectibles with Causes today. All collectible art donations are truly appreciated by those we serve. Whether your collection consists of oil paintings, still photos, water color paintings, landscape art or any other type of collectible art, it can serve a higher purpose. It can and will be used to support our worldwide community. More collectible art donations can include any of the following: Digital Art, Drawings, Antique art, Modern art, Contemporary art, Folk Art, Mixed Media, Paintings, Photographic Images, Posters, Prints, Sculpture, Carvings, Reproduction, Medium, Acrylic, Gouache, Oil, Watercolor, Abstract, Animals, Animation, Cartoon, Botanical, Children, Infants, Fantasy, Figures, Portraits, Floral, Gardens, Food, Wine, Landscape, Cityscape, Music, Instruments, Nudes, Religious, Inspirational, Seascape, Still Life, Art Deco, Asian, Cubist, Impressionist, Miniature, Outsider Art, Pop Art, Realism, Surrealism, Bronze, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Jade, Metal, Paper, Stone, Marble, Wood, Figures, Nudes, Masks, Religious Statues Donate art to charity today! Make a difference tomorrow!

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