Collectibles with Causes charity accepts all types of collectibles as a charity donation. Donate a pinball machine, currency collection, vinyl records, artwork, collector car, comic collection, figurines, vanity items, anything you collect... The following pages showcase the most common collectibles donated to our charity. Great tax and financial benefits for you, and the proceeds from your donation benefit families in need and charitable causes across the United States.
Classic Car

Donate classic car to charity. Classic Car donation, collector cars or competition cars. A classic car appreciates in value and many classic car collectors donate due to the fair market tax deduction they enjoy. Chevy, Ford, Dodge, custom cars, antique motorcycles, antique trucks... Free Car transport nationwide. We will also restore (if needed).

Comic Books

Have a stash of collectible comic books just sitting in boxes in your closets? Donate comic books to charity and benefit yourself and your community! Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, complete comic book collections... Fair market tax deductions possible. Platinum, golden, and silver to modern age comics are all accepted as a charity donation.

Musical Instruments

Donating music equipment to charity is one of our most popular collectible donation types. Help school bands and other music programs with a variety of musical instruments such as flutes, guitars and drums. Donate collectible music instruments such as guitars, violins, ukelele or studio equipment. Donate Music instruments

Donate Antiques

Donating Antique furniture & collectible antiques are much easier than trying to sell the antiques yourself. Decorative arts, old fishing lures, chandeliers, dining sets, antique furniture, signs, model ships, silver sets, globes, maritime antiques... We accept entire estates or single antique donations. Antiques appreciate in value resulting in a higher tax deduction.

Coins & Currency

Donate coin collection to charity. Collectible coin donations benefit our community and yourself! Buffalo nickels, liberty seated quarters, peace dollars, paper currency, proof sets, eagle penny, errors... Outstanding tax benefits for the Numismatic enthusiast. Contact Collectibles with Causes to discuss your currency or coin collection donation today!

Donate Artwork

Donate art to charity from international artists, photographers, and artisans. Sculptures, oil paintings, acrylics, drawings, watercolors, photos, lithos, fine art, murals, pastels. Art donations are an excellent way to support a wide variety of charity causes. Collectible artwork, paintings and statues are gifted to museums and galleries or sold to high bidders during fundraising.

Donate Collectibles to Charity

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.