Donate Classic Car to Charity - Collector Car Donations

Collector Car DonationsDonate a classic car, vintage muscle car, antique motorcycle, old truck or other collector automobile to charity. Fair Market Tax Deduction, completely free appraisal and free pickup nationwide. All Title & IRS Paperwork completed Fast!

Classic car donation is different than conventional automobile gifting in that the value of classic cars is usually much greater than the typical modern gifted motor vehicle. Your classic car donation is very beneficial for a wide selection of charitable causes. We use your collector car donation for fundraising events or gift to automotive history museums ensuring you get the maximum tax deduction allowed.

When you donate a classic car to charity, you benefit yourself and people in need at the same time. A classic car donation is an extremely wise option for anyone considering selling their collector automobile. We invite you to phone us toll free to talk about the advantages you'll enjoy when you donate a classic car, classic muscle car, vintage bike or other collector car through our charity.

The automobile donation process typically starts with a review of photos given by the donor and then progresses through an onsite inspection, evaluation and the arrangement of transport. We work with donors throughout the whole process to ensure a seamless transaction. Donors are usually permitted to deduct the full fair market value of the vehicle being donated.

Our most popular collector car donations include Corvettes, Firebirds, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, Camaro, Volkswagen Buses & Beetles, Bel Airs, Ford Thunderbirds, Chevy Novas and Chevelle. We have also received a beautiful Jaguar from 1960 and a few Rolls Royce shadows which we restored to maximize the amount our charity brings in during fundraising. Use the form below to donate a collector car to charity or call us toll free.

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