Donate Jewelry to Collectibles with Causes

Jewelry DonationsDonate jewelry to charity! Donate a watch, rings, scrap gold, gemstones, broken jewelry or broken gold chains to Collectibles with Causes charity and enjoy a Fair Market Tax Deduction while supporting a great cause. Donate Jewelry such as Gems, engagement ring, wedding band, sterling silver set, a diamond ring, broken gold jewelry, vintage pocket watch, bridal jewelry or cameo pin. A jewelry donation to charity is much easier than trying to sell jewelry online or to a pawnbroker.

A majority of our jewelry donations come from donors originally thinking about trying to sell scrap gold or broken jewelry to a scrap gold buyer. Many jewelry stores and pawn shops proudly advertise that they are a broken jewelry buyer, gold coin buyer, estate jewelry buyer, scrap gold jewelry buyer and of course diamond jewelry. Unfortunately for you, the prices they offer are in a word, "laughable". If you are still thinking about how to sell unwanted gold jewelry online or at a jewelry store, know the tax deduction you will receive when you donate jewelry to charity will beat any online gold trading or online pawn shop offer.

Some sites that persuade you to sell gold online are so smart they spell scrap gold as scarp gold which to us is a red flag as to what they will offer you for your broken jewelry. Jewelry retailers or the local jewelry store are no better. Pennies on the dollar will be the offer when you try to sell jewelry, especially broken jewelry. Not only do we see Scrap Gold Buyer advertisements all the time, we now see Sell a diamond, or Turn your old gold and silver items to cash. Of course the usual Sell gold and silver coins, chains, bracelets, necklaces, watches, broken jewelry ads are always in those pretty neon lights to try to get your attention. The closer you get, the more they try to get you to raid your jewelry box. Unless you are desperate for some quick cash, donating jewelry to charity is a much wiser financial decision due to the fair market tax deduction and the proceeds truly benefit our community.

Collectibles with Causes receives a respectable amount of estate jewelry donations, diamonds, Rolex Watches, platinum engagement rings, damaged jewelry and other fine jewelry donations from families that have inherited jewelry they believe would better serve another. Donors also gift chains, necklaces & pendants, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, fine charm & charm bracelets. Almost all jewelry will or has appreciated in value depending on the condition, artistry, beauty, age, rarity, or other desirable features as you probably know already. What you may not know is that jewelry donations can be a great way for you to collect a fair market tax deduction while also doing good for numerous charitable causes nationwide. Donate jewelry to charity today!

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