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Which celebrity has the most collectibles attesting to his fame and legendary status? If you said Elvis, you are absolutely right. If you happen to have Elvis memorabilia or other celebrity collectibles that you are thinking of parting with, we thought you should know that you can donate celebrity memorabilia to our charity which we use to continue supporting a variety of causes. In the past we have received many Marilyn Monroe photos and unique movie set memorabilia, Little Rascals photos, Muhammad Ali autographs and many other celebrity and movie memorabilia. More ideas for celebrity memorabilia donations may include Star Wars figurines, Dale Earnhardt, Natalie Wood, The Beatles, John Wayne or Michael Jordan collectibles. Most celebrity memorabilia donations we receive also are entitled to a Fair Market Tax Deduction! Much easier than selling!

Celebrity Memorabilia Donation

Donate Collectibles to Charity
When you choose to donate celebrity memorabilia items to Collectibles with Causes, you help support many worldwide causes including medical research, alleviating world hunger, housing the homeless and many other very important charitable causes. Donating music and movie memorabilia can also earn you a fair market IRS tax deduction which is usually more than you will get trying to sell the memorabilia yourself. So, if you are looking for a way to support some great causes, a celebrity memorabilia donation is a unique way of giving. In addition to figurines and posters in the celebrity’s likeness, celebrity memorabilia donations have also included autographed photos, celebrity postage stamps, furniture and clothing used and worn by celebrities, and collector’s edition albums and autographed DVDs, basically anything collectible can be donated!

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