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Collectibles with Causes is a unique concept in giving. Millions of people at some time in their life develop a collecting passion. Comic books, dolls and figurines, baseball cards, autographs, celebrity and sports memorabilia, vinyl records, music instruments, coin collections, you name it, society seems to collect it. Unfortunately there comes a time in almost every collectors life when their collecting passion fades. They now attempt to sell collectibles online or try their luck at a few local stores. The offers usually received turn out to be quite insulting. Most get discouraged and just pack everything up again and stick it back in storage. Others such as yourself, discovered our charity and learned about the benefits of donating their collectibles. IRS Tax Benefits


Collectibles with Causes

Collectibles with Causes and the "With Causes' Charitable Network are truly a charity for the people. With an emphasis on meeting the communities needs and responding in an informed, empathic and responsible manner to the needs of the community.


Donation Tax Benefits

In some cases the financial benefits of giving may outweigh the benefits of selling. All donations are eligible for a tax deduction. Feel good about benefiting worthy and charitable causes in your community and helping those in need.
Consult with your Tax Advisor.


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Remember, it's always better to give than receive. The glory and most important benefit of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time. Contact Collectibles with Causes today!







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