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Art is created with the intention of transmitting emotions and/or ideas. When you donate art to charity, in a way you are an artist yourself. Your art donation can transmit emotions such as joy, relief and happiness to those less unfortunate and the ideas created can solve a worldwide crisis or possibly find a cure for cancer. Previous donors have donated items such as photographic images, collectible posters, religious statues, watercolors, lithographs, valuable paintings and original comic book art donations. Donate art to Charity!

Charity Art Donation
Donate Art Charity Donation

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When you donate art you are entitled to a Fair Market Tax Deduction based on a current appraisal of your artwork. The tax and financial benefits easily outweigh having to sell art through a dealer or by yourself, and all of the proceeds benefit charities, individuals and families in need worldwide. Artwork is assessed by the amount of stimulation it brings about and the impact it has on people, the number of people that can relate to it, their appreciation, and the effect or influence it has or has had. Once again this goes hand in hand with the mission of our charity. Your art donation will certainly have a major impact on peoples lives, millions worldwide need support and the appreciation they exude and the effect and influence has to be seen to believe. Any piece of art or an entire art collection that you donate to collectibles with causes helps. You can donate a painting, a unique bronze statue, prints, drawings, Disney art cels, carvings, sculptures, you name it. Donate artwork to charity

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