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When it comes to collecting, comic books are extremely popular. Just look at the amount of comic book stores that are dedicated solely to this collecting craze. If you collect comic books, you likely have books that are worth some money individually. Combined together though, your comic book collection could be worth a lot of money, money that can be used to help alleviate some of the world’s most pressing concerns. Comic book donations are among the most popular type of collectible donations received by Collectibles with Causes, and they are greatly appreciated. Donate Comic books to charity - Fair Market Tax Deduction!

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The amount and type of comic books that you can donate are unending. Some of the most popular comic book donations include Spiderman comic books, X-men comic books, Marvel Comics, Captain America comic books, Wonder Woman comic books, and many, many more. Keep in mind that not all collectible comics have to be old. Many collectible comics raise in value a short time after their publication. In addition to making a difference, your comic book donation will benefit you at tax time. This is because all donations made to Collectibles with Causes are assigned a fair market value which can be deducted from your taxes as a charitable gift. It doesn’t matter if you only wish to part with a few comics or with your entire collection. Any comic donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated by Collectibles with Causes.

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