Donate Coke collectibles, Trays, Neon Signs and more!

Donate Coca Cola CollectiblesOne of the annoying things about some collectibles is that they are finite: Once you've got them all, the thrill of the hunt is over. But with Coca-Cola collectibles, it is almost a bottomless pit. It's hard to believe that anyone could amass all the things Coke has produced over the 123 years of its existence. Of course, there is a great difference in desirability of items, and therefore, in price. This puts Coke collecting within the reach of nearly everyone. Donate Coke collectibles, including clocks, trays, displays, bottles, promotional items like pens, cufflinks and pocket mirrors, in addition to tin signs, toy trucks, Koolatron and even vending machines.

The biggest single category of Coca Cola collectibles are the trays from many categories including: vehicles, colleges, cities, Santas, Norman Rockwells, Gibson Girls/women, and the Olympics. Condition, rarity and general attractiveness (or in some cases, wackiness) definitely figure into collectibility and price. Take for example Coke blotters, there seem to be many listed at about $5, but really old ones -- and remember, this can easily go back 100 years -- can be $1,000 or more. Price guides do give some idea of where to start, and in higher instances, how much value to put on an item come tax deduction time.

The "C.J. Summers Guide to Coca-Cola Collectibles" lists one blotter at $35 to $40, while "Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectible Price Guide" puts the same blotter at $5. That's quite a range -- which brings us to the issue of how much price guides can be trusted. It boils down to a universal truth for all antiques and collectibles: They are worth whatever someone will pay for them. Over the years we have had many Coke collectibles donated such as: Coca-Cola Print Advertising, Bags, Banks, Coca-Cola gum wrappers, Cigar bands, Caddies, Cigarette Lighters & Ashtrays, Cookie Jars, Dishes, Bowls & Plates, Figurines, Lighting & Lamps, Mugs, Cups & Steins to name a few. We go out of our way to maximize the value of your Coca Cola collectibles so you get the highest allowed tax deduction.

Higher prices are more usual in Coke collectibles, which include Pepsin Gum Advertising Signs, Coca Cola limited official guitars, rare Baird Coca Cola clocks, lighed Antique Coke signs, Andy Warhol Coca Cola bottle, porcelain 2 sided neon signs, Coca Cola series Collect-a-Cards, 1914 Coca Cola Calendar, double button flange signs and "Hall of Fame" Chicago Coca-Cola Straight-Side Bottles. "Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide" puts the highest value for a Coke item at $15,000 for an 1897 tray featuring a Victorian woman. A 1913 paper sign lists at $14,000, and a 1920s Tiffany-style leaded glass lamp, $5,800. Most of the many entries are in the $100 to $500 range.

When you donate Coca Cola collectibles with Collectibles with Causes, we make sure the entire process is fast and easy and that the tax write-off is financially beneficial. Many of our donors donate Coke collectibles they have carefully stored for years. We have had Coke collectible donations from every state and almost every category. We offer a fair market value tax write-off and the satisfaction of knowing your Coke collectible donation will truly help someone in need. Please complete the following form or call us at 888-228-7320 to donate today!

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