Collectibles with Causes charity accepts all types of collectibles as a charity donation. Donate a stamp collection, diamond ring, samurai sword, baseball card collection, autographs, movie posters, star wars figurines, vintage items, anything you collect... Below we showcase categories of common collectibles donated to our charity. Great tax deduction benefits for you, and the proceeds from your collectible donation benefit families in need and charitable causes across the United States.
Sports Memorabilia

Donate sports memorabilia such as hats, balls, jerseys, gloves, helmets, autographs and more. Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Lebron James, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Yankees... Baseball cards , NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR Sports autographs and sports memorabilia all receive a fair market tax deduction. Donate Sports Collectibles

Celeb Memorabilia

Celebrity memorabilia collectors can easily donate celebrity collectibles to charity! Hollywood movie memorabilia and celebrity items, Presidential, Historical, Musicians & more! Marilyn Monroe, Christopher Reeve, Beatles, Star Wars, Jimi Hendrix, Alfred Hitchcock, movie scripts, movie posters, autographs, celebrity photos. Tax Deductible!

Collectible Toys

Collectibles with Causes is the resource for donating your collectible toys to benefit charity and give yourself a tax break. Mickey Mouse, Disney collectibles, action figures, Star Wars, games, Flintstones, all collectible toys... New toys also accepted for foster home children and other child related organizations we work with. Donate collectible toys.

Donate Stamps

Donate stamp collection to charity. Have you inherited a stamp collection and now want to sell it? Stamp collections as a donation to charity may be much more financially beneficial. Deduct "catalog value" on your taxes and save hours trying to sell stamps yourself. USA and Foreign postage stamps from any year accepted. Donate stamps to charity today!

Donate Jewelry

Donate jewelry to charity. If you own jewelry and have no use for it, you can donate to charity and enjoy a fair market tax deduction. Jewelry donations range from broken gold necklaces and jewelry missing gemstones to very rare and hard to come by fine or estate jewelry. You will receive the absolute maximum tax deduction for your generous jewelry donation.

Donate Militaria

Donate military collectibles such as an original Indian Tomahawk, Suit of armour, Swords, a German sniper scope, medals or even a WW2 Japanese samurai sword. Your militaria donation helps support many pressing issues faced by the US & worldwide community. These issues include medical research, world hunger, homelessness, music programs and many other great causes.

Donate Collectibles to Charity

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.