Comic Book Donations - Donate Comics to Charity

Donate Comic BooksComic book donations are among the most popular type of collectible donations received by Collectibles with Causes, and they're greatly appreciated. Donate Comic books to charity - Fair Market Tax Deduction! If you're wanting to sell a valuable comic book collection, think about this, if you donate comics to charity, then you will support a fantastic nonprofit charity organization and also get to enjoy a Tax Deduction based on the current market value of your comic books.

The quantity and sort of graphic novels & comic books which it is possible to donate are unending. Some of the most popular comic book donations include Spider-man comic books, X-men comics, Daredevil, Marvel, DC, Asterix, Peanuts, Captain America, The Tick, Wonder Woman, and many more. Bear in mind that not all collectible comics need to be old. Many collectible comics increase in value a short time following their publication.

A number of our donors donate comics they've carefully stored for many years, some just reading every comic book one time. We've had comic book donations from every state and every comic book "era". Some of the most popular include: Star Wars, Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Deadpool, Sin City, Justice League, Archie, Watchmen, Wonder Woman, Casper and more. We offer a fair market value tax write-off, closet space, and also the satisfaction of knowing your comic book donation will really help someone in need.

Recent Comic Donation Examples Have Included:
  • I have a couple of closets filled with comics that I'd like to see go to a good cause. I'd also like to see some tax benefit and think I might need to spread out the donation over several years but would like to know more about that. Dallas, Texas
  • I am interested in donating my comic book collection (comprising 200+ issues from Uncanny X-Men, 1963-). My question is how fair market value is determined. I am the original owner of most of the comics, which have been stored properly for duration. Most are in 9.4 condition. Seattle, Washington
  • 2.5 long boxes from mid 90's, mostly marvel, lots of first year image comics. Also have about 10 plastic bins of never opened action figures of marvel and star wars toys, comic cards and other star wars collectibles also. Margate, Florida
  • 3 or 4 long boxes of misc comics mostly from the early 80's until present. Most are bagged and boarded. Hollywood, California
  • I want to donate around 1,100 comics. Tons of marvel from late 80's early 90's (lots of #1's) DC and mixed companies also. Brooklyn, NY
  • I have a collection of approximately 500 platinum age comic books I want to donate and also nearly 11000 volumes, modern age, mid-80's to late-90's; 42 long boxes + 3-4 boxes oversize material; 80% bagged and boarded Thank you for your time and for the services you provide! Columbus, Ohio
  • I have Five long boxes full of comics from 80's to current and approximately 1600 vintage independent publisher comic books. Washington DC
  • Collection includes 2,759 issues from 1988 through 1999 in 16 comics boxes (14 short and 2 long). Entire collection is sorted and priced according to values and grades as listed in the Overstreet Comics Price Guide. Boxes are in chronological order, with books in each box sorted by publisher, title and issue numbers. Collection comes with 30-page itemized inventory of complete contents by box. Torrance, California
  • 6,400+ comics, mostly from the late-80's through 90's, and up to last year or 2. Some from the 70's. Varying conditions, most are bagged, many are boarded, some are neither. There are dupes of some comics. smoke-free home. I have a very badly formatted list from my DOS inventory program that I can send you... Kansas City, Missouri
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