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New York collectible donations encompass a variety of items such as a NY Yankees autographed ball or baseball bat or a jersey or basketball signed by the New York Knicks. Of course, there are plenty of non-sports collectibles too such as antique furniture, American Indian art, musical instruments, sculptures, coin collections and even autographed playbills from some of the hottest Broadway shows. By donating NY collectibles, you can realize not only a fair market tax deduction but also the feel confident that your donation will help so many disadvantaged people in our community and worldwide. Donate Collectibles NY

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Donate Collectibles to Charity
Giving back to the community by contributing any of your New York collectible donations is a great way not only to do a little spring cleaning on your part but also be philanthropic at the same time. Your NY collectibles such as a luxury writing pen, antique mirror, vintage Barbie dolls, civil war photograph, bonnet box, comic books, jewelry and much more all can benefit a great cause. Whether you just have one or two pieces or truck load of
New York collectible donations, we are the charity to donate to as we will ensure that the needy children and families in your community realize the greatest return on your donation. Look to your closets, attics and long forgotten storage warehouses and unload your NY collectibles with us. Anything from small to large, like a Gamewell fire gong to a French antique gothic clock to a classic car donation is gladly accepted. And of course – your collectible donation earns you a fair market tax deduction and greatly benefiting charitable causes.