Donate California Collectibles to Charity!

California collectible donations cover a wide range of collecting interests such as autographed photos of famous stars from the golden years of Hollywood to the hottest celebrities of today. Even couture clothing once worn by a celebrity is welcome. The financial and tax benefits of a CA collectible donation far outweigh the time and effort you would have to spend trying to sell them for what they are worth. With California collectible donations, you will have the satisfaction of donating to a worthy cause with proceeds benefiting needy families in your area communities and across the state of California.

California collectible donations such as movie memorabilia are popular as are antique items such as gold rush collectibles, antique furniture, period clothing and estate jewelry. The array of CA collectible donations could extend to classic cars like a ’66 T-Bird, Dodgers baseball cards, musical instruments, classic music recordings and even music boxes. With your California collectible donation, you will receive a tax deduction based on fair market value which most times is far greater than what you would receive if you did an eBay auction or sold it to a dealer.

To give you an idea of some of the other CA collectible donations, consider searching your attics, basements and closets for comic books, fossil or crystals, vintage arcade games, stamp collections, artwork and even coin collections. Some donations received have included California gold nuggets, vintage Japanese samurai armor, Spanish mission bell, wurlitzer jukebox, vintage Grateful Dead posters, and lots of original animation cel. Remember, your tax deductible California collectible donations not only help you with your spring cleaning but they will also benefit many needy families in the United States. You can feel good about the fact that you have contributed to California's needy in a positive way. So whether you just have a few collectible items or truck load full of CA collectibles to donate, we are the charity to receive your items. San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco and every town and city in between! Please complete the following form or call us toll free 888-228-7320 to donate California colectibles to charity today!

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.