Donate Connecticut Collectibles to Charity!

Check your attic, basement and storage closets for Connecticut collectible donations such as presidential memorabilia from George W. Bush (only president born in Connecticut), signed movie posters from Katharine Hepburn or Ron Howard, stamp collections, baseball card collection, action hero figurines, broken Rolex watch, scrap gold and more. Your donation of CT collectibles will earn you a fair market tax deduction as well as the realization your collectibles donation will truly help many needy families nationwide.

To give you an idea, other Connecticut collectible donations might include antique medical instruments, inherited estate jewelry, collectible coo coo clocks, J.P. Morgan, Annie Leibovitz, Laura Ingals Wilder, Joan Rivers or F. Scott Fitzgerald collectibles, vintage autographs and antique Barbie dolls. Avoid the hassle of trying to sell collectibles on your own and choose our charity to handle all the work. Your generosity in donating CT collectibles will not only earn you a fair market tax deduction that recoups your tax dollars from the IRS but you also have the satisfaction that your CT collectible donations made a difference for disadvantaged families and children worldwide.

Whether you only have one item, ten items or a garage full of collectibles to donate, choose our charity to ensure that your best interests are looked after as well as those in the community. That silver service set, collector car, set of complete comic books or antique furniture are great Connecticut collectible donations. Other CT collectibles to donate include musical instruments, vintage Coca Cola collectibles, signed football jerseys, militaria, coin collections or Disney memorabilia. In order to reap the benefits of those Connecticut collectible donations, all you have to do is call us. In return, you will receive a beneficial fair market tax deduction as well as the great feeling of knowing you truly helped change a life for the better. Please complete the following form or call us toll free 888-228-7320 to donate today!

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.