Donate Delaware Collectibles to Charity!

Delaware collectible donations range from Revolutionary War memorabilia to a hudson coal co iron police badge to broken jewelry, Delaware paintings and much more. The tax and financial benefits of donating DE collectibles far outweigh the efforts you would have to go through to sell collectibles yourself. Plus, all the proceeds benefit families in need worldwide. Donate collectibles from famous Delawareans like George Thorogood, Joe Biden, George Ross, Nancy Currie or the du Pont family or other collectibles like estate jewelry, vintage Barbies, baseball card sets, antique military collectibles, I Love Lucy memorabilia, Elvis souvenirs, comic book art and much more. Delaware collectible donations truly help, please donate today.

If you collect it, we will accept it. Your Delaware collectibles will garner you a fair market value tax deduction that should make your accountant happy while the proceeds will provide support to disadvantaged people in your state and local area. You win on both counts! Other Delaware collection donations could include antique train sets, antique Santa Claus figurines, Delaware incorporation collectibles, sterling silver picture frames, a vintage Colson bicycle with balloon tires, hand blown vases, sculptures, decorative art and more. Save yourself some time and donate your DE collectibles to us. We will ensure that the disadvantaged people in our community will reap the maximum benefit possible from your donation and that of others. So if you find an antique wash tub, antique bicycle, comic books, ceramic pots, antique clocks, pocket watches or Coca Cola collectibles, consider donating them to us so that we can translate them into great benefits for your community. Please complete the following form to donate Delaware collectibles or call us toll free 888-228-7320.

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.