Donate Illinois Collectibles to Charity!

Illinois collectible donations include a wide variety of items such as a Michael Jordan autograph basketball, obsolete Illinois state police lieutenant badge, Chicago cubs memorabilia, civil war letters, fox deluxe beer can collection, vintage pocket watch or even your rare Illinois license plate set from the early 1900's. Also consider donating Illinois indian artifacts such as a fine hardstone spud, groove hardstone axe, collectible motley arrowheads and tools. You will realize many benefits financially by donating rather than trying to sell your Illinois collectibles yourself. First, you receive a fair market value tax deduction and second, the proceeds will benefit countless causes and people throughout our world. Everyone is a winner when you donate Ilinois collectibles.

Illinois collectible donations are as diverse as your mind can imagine. If you collect it, we will gratefully accept it! Donate antique clocks, Czech glass beadwork, art sculptures, first edition books like "Treasure Island' or "Moby Dick,' a Fender guitar, antique frames, Iver Johnson bicycle, broken jewelry and scrap gold, stamp collections and much more. Many people have old steamer trunks and boxes that have been collecting dust for decades in their homes. There just might be some Illinois collectible treasures just waiting to be discovered. Save time and just donate Illinois collectibles to charity and we will ensure that worthy causes in our world realize the maximum benefit from the proceeds while you receive a fair market value tax deduction. Everyone is a winner when you think philanthropically. So donate Illinois collectibles like crystal figurines, Jack Benny, Al Capone, Black Hawk Sauk, Jimmy Connors, Miles Davis, Harrison Ford, Ernest Hemingway or Richard Pryor memorabilia, autographed movie posters and more. From one small item to a truck load of collectibles, we are ready to accept your Illinois collectible donations. Please complete the following form or call us toll free 888-228-7320.

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.