Donate Maryland Collectibles to Charity!

Maryland collectible donations come in a variety of forms such as artwork, Baltimore Ravens autographed memorabilia like signed footballs and vintage jerseys, antique porcelain bisque dolls, oriental fans and even vintage milk glass. When you donate MD collectibles, you will receive a fair market tax deduction that is a lot more beneficial to you financially than trying to sell items on your own through consignment stores or even the internet. Plus, Maryland collectible donations, when donated to our charity, will support the disadvantaged worldwide. The best part of the whole deal is that we have and will accept a motley collection of items such as musical instruments, comic books, a US civil war militia officers sword and an original 2nd Maryland Confederate belt buckle, WWII wooden airplane propeller, Travers Bros Co & Maryland Beauty Brand oyster tin can collection, a Western Maryland Railroad lantern globe, obsolete Prince George's County Maryland police badges, Clinton Maryland leather firemans helmet, vintage Milbourne's crab meat tin, Pen-Mar rye whiskey trays, John Calhoun and John Allison signed documents, a Maryland Oyster Dredging Boat skip jack model and much more.

Remember collectibles with causes charity organization when you decide to clear out your attic or storage closets. We will gladly accept any of your Maryland collectible donations such as stamp collections, estate jewelry, sterling silverware, antique tea sets, Civil War memorabilia, celebrity autographed photos and even everyone’s favorite, Barbie. With your kind MD collectible donation, you can feel good about supporting the less fortunate worldwide as well as earn a fair market tax deduction at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! So if you happen to find a vintage montblanc fountain pen or a tucked away "WANTED' poster of Butch Cassidy in an old attic steamer trunk, an 18k gold Jewish etrog box or a long-forgotten coin collection, donate to our charity. Collectible car donations such as your classic Mustang or T-Bird also make great Maryland collectible donations! Contact us today toll free 888-228-7320 or fill out the following collectible donation form!

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.