Donate Minnesota Collectibles to Charity!

Minnesota collectible donations range from artwork, vintage fishing lures, an autographed football from the Minnesota Vikings, to a signed guitar strap from famous musicians Bob Dylan or Prince and more. With your donation of Minnesota collectibles, you can realize some great tax and financial benefits. Plus, the needy in the our world will benefit from the proceeds. Donate Minnesota collectibles such as a collection of Hamm's & Kato Cone Top Beer Cans, a brachyaspis alacer trilobite fossil, Standard Brewing Co Mankato Minnesota execution 38 sioux indians 1862 beer tray, collection of vintage obsolete Minnesota police badges, early 1900's Minnesota porcelain license plates, Minnesota civil war ladder badge pin medal, vintage orange crush cooler, Rochester Bottling Company Mickey Mouse Soda Bottle, Minnesota RPPC postcards and a rare Minnesota Twins vintage bobble head and more.

By donating Minnesota collectibles, you will realize a fair market value tax deduction while we will pass the proceeds along to the disadvantaged worldwide. Donate old porcelain signs, comic book art, antique furniture, Disney collectibles, vintage posters, autographs, musical instruments and even collector cars. Why bother with the time and expense of trying to advertise and sell your collectibles? We will gladly accept your Minnesota collectible donations so that you can receive your beneficial tax deduction. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is being used to support the needy worldwide. So if you are paring down your collections or just cracking the seal on boxes in your long neglected attic, just know that you can donate your MN collectibles to our charity. Music boxes, grandfather clocks, Victorian era hats, World War II memorabilia, antique medical instruments, stained glass, currency and coin collections, stamps, military collectibles and more make for great Minnesota collectible donations. Please complete the following donation form or call us toll free 888-228-7320 to donate Minnesota collectibles to charity.

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.