Donate Nevada Collectibles to Charity!

Nevada collectible donations cover a wide variety of items such as Old West memorabilia, autographed programs of famous casino shows, Las Vegas casino chip collections and even signed movie memorabilia. Donating NV collectibles to our charity means that you reap the benefits of a fair market tax deduction while needy people in your community benefit from your generosity. Over the years we have had Nevada collectible donations like gold wires on & in quartz crystals from both Olinghouse & Round Mountain Mines, a vintage Nevada turquoise Zuni cluster bracelet, antique Reno NV Inferno Club, Goldfield hotel, Circus Room dining & Las Vegas Villa Venice casino Ashtray collection, Bools & Butler vintage Wooly Angora chaps, silver specimens from the Comstock lode, over 20lbs of pixie turquoise from Crescent valley, Piaute baskets, a rare Nevada cabinet card photograph collection, 1942-P Nevada silver collection walking liberty half dollars, scarce old Nevada medicine bottles and a unique collection of $100 casino chips from Monte Carlo, Dunes, El Rancho, Harold's Club, Harrah's Club, Jockey Club and King 8 and many other items Nevada residents have collected.

Nevada collectible donations such as Football and baseball memorabilia are welcome as is unwanted jewelry, casino chips, antique glass, Nevada artwork and even comic books or original comic books art. We accept Nevada collectible donations no matter how big or small because each item donated to us in turn benefits charitable causes and people that need a helping hand. Instead of the hassle of trying to list your NV antiques or NV collectibles, why not donate them to us? You will receive a fair market tax deduction and the comfort knowing that you are helping countless people who need assistance. We gratefully accept all NV collectibles such as vintage toys, NV historical letters, military collectibles and even classic car donations like a 1939 Chevrolet pickup truck. Just think of all the support you can bring to many needy people in the community with your Nevada collectible donations. Please momplete the Nevada collectibles donation form below or call us toll free at 888-228-7320.

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.