Donate New Mexico Collectibles to Charity!

New Mexico collectible donations are quite diverse and encompass many lovely pieces of southwestern art, turquoise jewelry, Old West memorabilia and more. When you donate New Mexico collectibles to us, you not only realize some great financial tax benefits for yourself, but the proceeds will also benefit the disadvantaged people in our communities and even across the world. Donate New Mexico collectibles such as comic books, musical instruments, pueblo pottery, coin collections, antique furniture, vinate toys and more. Previous New Mexico collectible donations have included a vintage Santa Fe Trail road sign, very large Blue Halite w/Sylvite Cubes specimen, Mary Madalena Jemez pottery, silver crystal clusters from Alhambra mine, an Anasazi Desert Side Notch Arrowheads collection, a 5 lb Box of Fluorite Octahedrons, iron meteorites from Ocate, many native american rugs, Linarite Crystal Cluster from Blanchard mine, obsolete New Mexico state police badges, Kelly mine Aurichalcite & Smithsonite Crystal and William Hanna signed animation cels to name a few. The array of NM collectibles is as eclectic as your mind can conceive.

Donating New Mexico collectibles is a great way to support your community and realize some great financial benefits like a fair market value tax deduction. There is no need to try and sell collectibles on your own as you would likely be wasting time, effort and money. Donate New Mexico collectibles to charity such as a Navajo rug or squash blossom necklace, inlaid turquoise sterling silver art, a rare vintage horse quilt, broken jewelry or even an apache figural basket are great items that represent New Mexico collectible charity donations. If you collect it, we will gratefully receive it. Your New Mexico collectible donations not only help you financially with a fair market tax deduction, but they will help so many others as well. Donate NM collectibles such as a Franklin Roosevelt Autograph Letter, Sterling Zuni inlay bracelet, Santa Fe Railroad poster, Vintage WWII Buck Knife, Kachina doll painting, Hopi silver tray and more. It’s all for a great cause! Please complete the following form or call us toll free 888-228-7320 to donate today!

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