Donate Oregon Collectibles to Charity!

Donate Oregon collectibles to our charity and not only will you enjoy a fair market value tax deduction but you will also see your donation provide assistance to many needy families in your community. Oregon collectibles such as vintage western saddles, signed baseball jerseys, autographed Portland Trailblazers memorabilia or fossils & mineral specimens make great charity donations that can make a huge impact in your community. In addition to the above collectibles, paintings, short line railroad items, coin collections, vintage toys and more are popular. When you donate Oregon collectibles to our charity, you will reap several benefits. First, you are saving time and money in trying to sell the items yourself; second, you earn a fair market tax deduction; and third, you are giving back to the community. Why not consider donating Oregon collectibles like coin collections, broken jewelry, stamp collections, war militaria or even comic books today?

More Oregon collectible donations could include Victorian buttons and hats, historical military items, musical instruments, an autographed Gibson guitar, collectible movie action figures from Star Wars and even old movie posters from Hollywood. If you have an old classic car like a Model T or a 1930’s Ford Coupe sitting in your barn or on blocks, consider a classic car donation. Donations such as this not only garner you that favorable tax deduction, but many disadvantaged people in your local community and state could be greatly helped by your generosity. It doesn’t matter whether you have one item or one hundred items; we are the charity to turn to when you want to donate Oregon collectibles and benefit our communities.

GIVING Center is a nonprofit charity committed to helping those in need and filling the “gaps” left by overburdened programs.