Donate Virginia Collectibles to Charity!

Virginia collectible donations can be rather eclectic with a range from Bishop mine turquoise to autographed NASCAR gear to classic car donations and much more. The best reason to donate Virginia collectibles is that the proceeds go towards causes that truly help the needy. The side benefit is that you receive a fair market value tax deduction for your generosity. Being philanthropic pays off! Look through your home for Virginia collectibles donations like antique furniture, civil war military collectibles, music boxes, grandfather clocks, estate jewelry, hand-carved mantle pieces, vintage Coca Cola signs, hand blown art glass and more. Over the years we have had many Virginia collectibles donated like confederate buckles and buttons, a John Nelson Cooper vintage bowie knife, Harper's Ferry signed confederate documents, vintage tobacco tins, pyrite crystals, colonial & civil war currency, a Virginia daguerreotype collection, R.F. Rakes whiskey bottles & jugs, vintage Capt Boyd's oyster tins, African American cabinet card collection, Olde Virginia Cone Top Beer Can collection and much more! Donate Virginia Collectibles to Charity!

The selection of Virginia collectible donations is quite vast and diverse as your mind can imagine. If you collect something, we can receive it. It does help that your Virginia collectible donation benefits numerous charities and individuals that need a helping hand. That makes donating collectible items all the better. You can donate items such as comic books, civil war collectibles, and confederate war bonds, Virginia metalcrafters collectibles , old fashioned lanterns, nostalgic school desks, baseball cards, porcelain dolls, vintage Barbies and even Star Wars movie paraphernalia. Avoid the hassle of trying to sell collectibles on your own. You will likely not receive fair market value like you would with a donation to our charity. Plus, without your donation, we could not use the proceeds to continue supporting charitable causes and less fortunate people in our world. Donate Virginia collectibles by completing the following form or call us toll free 888-228-7320 today!

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